How To Leverage Dental SEO in 2023

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Ian Cantle
March 3rd | 12:00 EST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

The importance of SEO in 2023

Attendees will learn why it is more critical than ever for dental practices to have a strong SEO strategy in place to attract and retain patients. They will discover the latest trends and techniques that will help them stay ahead of the competition and build a strong online presence.

Best practices for dental SEO in 2023

The webinar will conclude with a summary of the top best practices for dental SEO in 2023. Participants will learn about the latest trends and techniques in the field, including voice search optimization, artificial intelligence, and video marketing. They will leave the webinar with a comprehensive understanding of the SEO strategies and techniques they need to implement to take their dental practice to the next level.

How to optimize onsite and offsite elements

The webinar will delve into the key onsite and offsite elements that dental practices must focus on to improve their search engine rankings. Participants will learn about essential onsite elements such as meta tags, content optimization, and mobile responsiveness, as well as offsite elements such as link building, social media, and local search optimization.

Tips for measuring and tracking SEO success

You'll also learn how to use Google Analytics to track the performance of your website, as well as how to set up conversion tracking to monitor the number of leads and patients generated by your website. These insights will help you gain a better understanding of how your SEO strategies are impacting your dental practice, allowing you to refine and optimize your approach over time for even better results.


About Ian Cantle

Ian Cantle is the founder of Dental Marketing Heroes and Outsourced Marketing Inc. and is an Amazon best-selling co-author of 'Content Marketing For Local Search: Creating Content That Google Loves and Prospects Devour'. For over 20 years Ian has helped businesses and dental practices grow by installing proven marketing systems that yield higher results, attract more patients, and create a sustainable growth engine.

What Ian loves most is freeing dentists from the confusion and drudgery of managing their marketing so that they can build their practices and enjoy newfound freedom, you know embracing the reasons they became dentists in the first place.

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